+ THWTD Original LP from Enigma Records 1986
“To Hell with the Devil” is Stryper’s third album, released on October 24, 1986 on Enigma Records. Singles from the album, "Calling on You", "Free" and "Honestly" were popular mainstream hits playing on radio stations, as well as MTV, in regular rotation giving the band much needed broad appeal. The songs, “More than a Man”, and “The Way”, and the title track, “To Hell With the Devil”, gave their already growing fan-base fist pumping anthems to sing-along with.

When "Honestly" peaked at No. 23 on the Top 40 charts, it cemented Stryper’s place in history. “To Hell With The Devil”, went on to receive a Grammy Award nomination as was certified RIAA platinum on January 6, 1988, selling more than 2 million copies. This album is regarded by many to be one the most influential Christian rock albums of all time.

When Enigma, the band's record label, first released “To Hell With the Devil”, the original artwork caused an extreme amount of controversy. Call it timing, luck or divine intervention. The publicity Stryper received was a welcomed addition to an already chart topping album.

The original “angel artwork” depicted four angels, resembling the band members throwing the devil into a fiery pit. The cover was changed after the first pressing to the now classic alternative black cover with the Stryper logo and the red album title in the center.

What you are holding in your hands is that very album. This is not a reissue, a re-release or a re-print. It’s an original, authentic 1986 Benson Distributors, Enigma Records Catalog number PJAS-573237, gatefold edition from 30 years ago.
Rarely does something this rare resurface and survive 30 years later, especially an album this great. So keep it sealed and frame it or open it and enjoy the music, what you choose to do with it is your choice. Whatever you do choose, cherish it.  For many it was life-changing, for collectors, a treasured piece to they growing collection, for all of us, a defining moment and memory that will live on.
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